Campus Pressbox Insiders is a subscription-based, members only exclusive club that provides extra benefits to those who want to support Campus Pressbox and its expanding roster of great writers.

Subscriber Benefits

  • Optimized browsing experience. Ads are how we keep this monster up and running every month. On the other hand, they’re annoying, intrusive and hinder your browsing experience. So, we’ll remove all of the usual ads from the site. At times though there may be a site sponsor.
  • Early access to written content before everyone else. On some occasions we’ll write stories that we won’t publish for a day, a week or maybe a month. Why hold on to it when we can share it with you early?
  • Access to demos of new shows and staff meetings. In the same vain as above, sometimes we demo new shows we may not decide to pursue or sometimes we’ll have a staff meeting that we can record as an Insider exclusive. Yeah, you can hear _most_ of those too.
  • Complete access to Campus Pressbox archives. Moving forward content from the current academic year (i.e. 2016/2017) and the previous academic year (i.e. 2015/2016) will remain free. Almost everything else will be available only to Insiders.
  • Access to Campus Pressbox Insider Forum. We’re making comments exclusive to Insiders. Don’t take it personal, but we think those who are the most passionate about college sports need a private, moderated place to have civil discussions about why Navy is always better than Army. There is also a space for Insiders to start their own topics and give us feedback on how we can improve the site.
  • Monthly behind-the-scenes newsletter. We’ll still maintain our super-infrequent newsletter, but Insiders will receive a more frequent version of the newsletter with details on the types of editorial decisions we make and the process we use to get there. As well as the details of how and when we decide what we publish.

Why Campus Pressbox Insiders?

We’ve grown a lot and we want to bring you better content and keep Campus Pressbox as one of the few, great independent college football opinion sites on the Internet. We’ve made sure, through many trials and errors, that our content is easy to digest in small parts. Some of it serious, and some of it laid back and comedic.

Campus Pressbox Insiders is a way to unlock additional content from us and hopefully from you in the future. The point is to build a community around college sports and the teams we love. That’s why the discussion forum is the biggest benefit of the Insider program. You’ll have a moderated space to talk to passionate college sports fans without the hate and vitriol you see in many places. Insiders are the only readers who will be able to comment on articles and you’ll be able to create your own discussions around topics you like with fans of similar and opposing views. We really think you’ll like this part of the program.

How to Subscribe?

You can become a Campus Pressbox Insider for $3/month and as long as you stay enrolled you’ll be locked into that price for life. Yes, for life. Subscriptions are handled through Memberful and your transactions are completed by Stripe. Neither Campus Pressbox nor Memberful see your credit card information.

Campus Pressbox, Stripe and Memberful all use HTTPS to make sure all of your communication is secure and we promise to never re-sell your information or SPAM your e-mail address with garbage.

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