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Jim Harbaugh is in Hot Water

Back when Michigan hired Jim Harbaugh, it seemed like the perfect fit and the perfect thing to do. He was a “Michigan Man” and had proven himself at all his previous coaching stops. Now, coming off his second defeat by rival Michigan State in three years, people are beginning to mumble. The shine is coming off the seemingly perfect union of Wolverines and Jim Harbaugh as he is looking at most likely being 1-5 against his two main rivals.

Jim Harbaugh is heading towards being in hot water and it’s his own fault.

Think back to when Harbaugh was the coach at Stanford. From 2007 to 2010, he had the reputation of being hotheaded and overly competitive. In 2009 he continued to run up the score on USC prompting head coach Pete Carroll to ask “What’s your deal?” which is saying something when you consider how competitive Carroll is. He was known for being a grumpy guy that only cared about winning at all costs.

That continued when he left Stanford for the San Francisco 49ers. Jim Harbaugh was known for making average quarterbacks better, having sideline meltdowns, and shaking hands a bit too aggressively. He was an angry guy that only cared about winning football games. He even ditched a quarterback that got a concussion for the hot-handed Colin Kaepernick. It was all about winning for Jim Harbaugh.

Then he got to Michigan and things took a strange turn.

As strange as this sounds, Harbaugh didn’t do himself any favors winning 10 games his first year after previous coach Brady Hoke went 5-7 to miss a bowl game yet again. Michigan fans were ready to commit to a rebuilding period and not have high hopes for the first couple seasons. After seeing what happened in 2015 and 2016, Michigan fans were ready to assume what they felt was their rightful place at the top of college football.

With the fanbase and presumably the Michigan administration on cloud nine, not only with the winning seasons but the media attention from hiring the hottest coaching candidate, Jim Harbaugh basically had a blank check to do what he wanted.

And he did.

Jim Harbaugh began appearing in random commercials for milk, taking his players to Rome, and other bizarre things that had no right making the news. He also coached first base for the Detroit Tigers because why not? He’s Jim Harbaugh!

Essentially, he became a caricature of himself. Harbaugh took his newfound wealth and fame and did literally whatever he wanted. There are two possible outcomes: either Jim Harbaugh is playing chicken with the Michigan administration or he’s lost his competitive edge.

Personally, I think the edge has been dulled. Where’s the fire this season? The rants have decreased and the team has regressed. Is the team falling for the hype or is there no fire anymore?

Maybe Harbaugh had decided to mail in this season in. He’s just trying to buy one more season until he can get a real quarterback but his team kept winning anyway. Now instead of having a fanbase that would be satisfied with a nine or ten win season, these fans are expecting national championships.

2018 will be the pivotal season. If Jim Harbaugh doesn’t win something in 2018, what was the most exciting coaching hire this decade is about to start becoming the most exciting coaching divorce outside of scandals.

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